It’s getting frightfully near! 3 more nights and we will be on our way!! How exiting!  We went to get the bus/camper! and it is very very big! and beautiful, I haven’t driven it yet but I would really like to! we will see. I bought a small laptop to do the blog and things but it crashed (help) one more thing to do!
And we played fridaynight at Kris and Jan, Bart and Koos’s house. In the garden with stairs as a backdrop and washing lines to play with. We got eaten alive by the mosquitoes, which was funny!
Our photographer Dries forgot to take a picture of the audience so ….

here comes:

It was a lovely night, we went with the camper to test….;)
And then we play one more time !!! wednesday in the parkinglot accross the street hopefully it will be dry!!!


It is really starting to get real now, thursday we can go and collect the bus, pack it and get it ready for travel!!
We’ve got some more dates on the road! that first week will be very busy! that’ll get us into the right frame of mind, And our children also…
Saturday we played at a neighbourhoodparty not far from here so we got our Carpet costumes instruments and suitcase loaded it all on our bikes and cycled there!
There were a lot of kids, but they, their parents and other neighbours enjoyed themselves so we’re happy!