Promo video #1

Promo video #2

It is really starting to get real now, thursday we can go and collect the bus, pack it and get it ready for travel!!
We’ve got some more dates on the road! that first week will be very busy! that’ll get us into the right frame of mind, And our children also…
Saturday we played at a neighbourhoodparty not far from here so we got our Carpet costumes instruments and suitcase loaded it all on our bikes and cycled there!
There were a lot of kids, but they, their parents and other neighbours enjoyed themselves so we’re happy!

We have news from the Mystery Girl! over in the Guestbook! I’m glad she did enjoy it!
Yesterday we played in a little park, which was far to big to my liking but we did our thing and the kids ran wild. Thank you Sabine for asking us over! I’ll add some pictures videostills most of them:

One of the Audience is to follow later!Jyoti

In a heatwaved Amsterdam we played, and we must have sweated several liters!!! especially Vincent in his wollen suit!  It was funny we took the train, parking in Amsterdam being next to impossible!
When we hit Central station the tourists nearly drowned us, so many and so oblivious of other people!! Is it only in Amsterdam with all the coffeeshops? or are all of us like that when elsewhere? Hope not….
we couldn’t figure out what bus or tram to take so we walked with the heavy carpet and suitcase…
Luckily the space that Nele found us was sort of cool, and slowly our Audience started to arrive. and we got ourselves ready:

We met some lovely people again, thank you Nele!!! The funniest was I started the show and the doorbell rang, so I went, Gertrude went to open the door, and showed the girl a seat, but she left as soon as we finished.. nobody knew her… She was our mystery guest… (If you read this, hope you enjoyed the show…..) she’s not on the pictures, there were some more people in the middle

we met some people who have a site called spotted by locals ( ) go check it out
there were some people from also! great have you not heard of that organisation? check it out!  It really is great, the world is filled with friends we haven’t met yet!
Oh yes other great news: we have a camper!!!! we rent it for 7 weeks! here she is
Yippy yay!!! Istanbul here we come!! Still looking for some spots though: Trier or Koln! Rumania Bulgary and we’d love to play in old Istanbul!! so please wreck your brains!!!